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The Ministry of Energy and mineral resources launches a platform for investment opportunities in mineral resources, oil, gas, and oil shale


December 31 - The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources announced on Sunday the launch of a platform for investment opportunities in mineral resources, oil, gas and oil shale via the electronic platform/ invest.memr.gov.jo.

 The Minister D. Saleh AL- Kharabsheh said ,during the launch ceremony, that the platform comes based on the great importance of the mining sector and its contribution as one of the pillars of the national economy, noting that the mining sector is classified within the engine of high-value industries in the vision of economic modernization, as this engine mainly aims to develop Jordan to be a center For industry in the region by supplying rapidly growing exports with distinguished and high-value products.

D. Saleh AL- Kharabsheh stressed the government’s efforts to encourage investors to establish manufacturing industries based on mineral resources to increase the added value of the extracted ores, pointing out that the new electronic platform( invest.memr.gov.jo) is considered a translation of the ministry’s efforts to follow the progress of work in the mineral resources sector and highlight national wealth and opportunities. Investment in it, with the aim of exploiting it and encouraging local and foreign companies to invest in the sector.

D. Saleh AL- Kharabsheh pointed out that the establishment of the electronic platform for investment opportunities came in response to the priority included within the mining sector initiatives, which is to encourage investment in national mineral resources, explaining the goal of the platform in presenting the investment opportunities available in mineral resources (basalt, silica, gypsum, diatomite, kaolin, dolomite, feldspar). ) In addition to petroleum and oil shale.

  The new platform enables those interested in investing to view the locations of these opportunities through an interactive map that shows the locations of the raw materials, accompanied by technical reports about them. It also enables them to apply for investment electronically according to the Petroleum, Oil Shale, Coal, and Strategic Minerals Exploitation Projects System No. (76) of 2020. .

The electronic platform for investment opportunities in mineral resources, oil, gas, and oil shale also provides interconnection with government agencies related to investment licenses in the mining sector, represented by the Energy and Minerals Sector Regulatory Authority, the Department of Lands and Survey, and the Ministry of the Environment. , Ministry of Local Administration, Ministry of Public Works and Housing, Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Water and Irrigation, as this link is reflected in reducing the time required to obtain investment licenses and not having to review the Ministry to apply for investment.

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