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Reducing the prices of diesel and gasoline (90 and 95)

December 31st  - The Petroleum Derivatives Pricing Committee held its monthly meeting today, Sunday, to determine the selling prices of petroleum derivatives locally for the period from (January 1st -31st ).

 The committee reviewed the international prices of crude oil and petroleum derivatives during the month of December and compared them to those of last November.

After applying the price equation according to international prices on all petroleum derivatives, it was found that the price of diesel decreased by (30) fils/liter, the price of gasoline 90 decreased by (20) fils/liter, and the price of gasoline 95 decreased by (30) fils/liter.

Accordingly, the Petroleum Derivatives Pricing Committee decided to reduce the selling price of diesel to (720) fils/liter instead of (750) fils/liter, and to reduce the selling price of 90 octane gasoline to (895) fils/liter instead of (915) fils/liter, and to reduce the price Selling 95 octane gasoline became (1130) fils/litre instead of (1160) fils/litre.

  The committee also decided to fix the price of kerosene for next January at 620 fils/liter, and to keep the price of a gas cylinder at 7 dinars/cylinder.

It is noteworthy that the reduction in diesel and gasoline prices will take place for the third time in a row in 2023 according to international prices.

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