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MEMR: Activation of the Platform for Inquiring about the Residential Sector Solar Heaters and PV Subsidy Program

January 22 - The Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Encouragement Fund (JREEEF) , affiliated with the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (MEMR), announced today, Monday, the activation of the preliminary inclusion platform for inquiring about the subsidy program for installing PV systems and solar water heating systems for the residential sector subscribers.

According to the Fund, citizens can inquire about the preliminary inclusion in the program through the online platform https://solarenergy.gov.jo.

The platform allows applicants to learn about program details, frequently asked questions, and the list of approved financing windows. Beneficiaries must then approach the designated financing windows after obtaining preliminary inclusion approval to complete the necessary technical documents for service acquisition.

Last month, the Fund launched the third phase of the national program to support the residential sector with solar water heaters and solar cells. This phase involves providing direct subsidy to Jordanian households, covering 30% of the cost of solar water heater and PV systems. It also offers facilities for paying the remaining amount through approved banks and local associations, contributing to reducing the monthly electricity bills for these households.

This initiative aligns with Jordan's leadership in utilizing renewable energy in various sectors, with renewable energy contributing to 27% of the Kingdom's generated electricity. The Ministry and the Fund aim to have a direct economic, social, and environmental impact on the targeted support beneficiaries in the residential sector.

The program's significance lies in establishing partnerships between the Fund, commercial banks, and local associations to implement and reach citizens. It provides various financing options, facilitating citizens' access to the program through convenient installment plans. This, in turn, enables them to secure the necessary funding for installing PV systems and Solar water heaters in their homes, benefiting around 7,000 targeted households and 35,000 citizens.

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