Investment Opportunities in Energy and Mineral Resources Sectors

Jordan is considered rich in mineral resources; some of them were exploited, exported and also consumed in the domestic manufacture of fertilizers such as phosphate and potash. Meanwhile, limestone also exploited and exported. The other mineral resources, such as silica sand, feldspar and kaolin ….etc. were still not exploited in a large scale, therefore, the Ministry of Energy and Minerals Resources identified the mineral resources with potential investment opportunities, which are located largely in the eastern and southern parts of Jordan. These include the development and production of basalt, feldspar, kaolin, limestone for cement, and also silica sand, volcanic tuff, and zeolites.  

According to the National Energy Strategy, covering Jordan's energy requirements from 2015-2025, Jordan  needs to increase its energy supply security and reduce its dependence on external energy sources by leveraging national resources such as renewable energy and oil shale. The energy strategy aims to increase the contribution of oil shale  sources to 10% by 2025 while reducing of imported energy sources.

Oil shale exploitation and through attracting national and international investments in this field is considered a long term strategic decision in meeting the energy demand from indigenous resources.

 Also,  the renewable energy sources solar energy especially  have the ability to supply several times the present Jordan energy demand, they can enhance energy markets, secure long-term sustainable energy supplies, create new employment opportunities, and offer possibilities for local manufacturing of equipment. Therefore, Jordan has plans to expand investment and growth in the renewable energy sector through attracting foreign capital and adding about 700 megawatts of power the national electricity grid from projects in the southern region.

Regarding to the oil and gas Exploration, Jordan has not been explored yet. Therefore,  in order to encourage the international companies to invest in this sector, Jordan was divided into eleven exploratory Blocks depending on the geological characteristics of each region and the petroleum potential, and volume of information available.

Based on foregoing,  Project Management Unit through the investment and marketing division has plans to promote the investment opportunities in the  following sectors:

Mineral Resources

Renewable Energy​

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Note :  All technical reports and previous studies of mineral resources  in Jordan are available in investment and marketing Division  / Projects  Management Unit

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