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A delegation from the Institute of Logistics Management and Training visits the Ministry of Energy

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February 8, 2024 - A delegation from the Institute of Logistics Management and Training of the Jordanian Armed Forces/Arab Army visited the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources today, Thursday, to learn about the Ministry’s experience in encouraging investment in the energy and mining sectors. The delegation was also briefed on the initiatives implemented by the Ministry, under royal directives, in an effort to increase self-reliance in providing energy sources and diversifying its inputs within a clear methodology and well-studied strategies in line with the vision of economic modernization and through the Ministry’s strategic goal of developing local energy sources, achieving energy supply security, and optimal exploitation of mineral resources. The delegation was received by a representative of the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, Director of the Projects Directorate in the Ministry, Geologist Bahjat Al-Adwan, who presented an overview of the Ministry’s projects in the field of petroleum, oil shale, and the mining sector, and current and future activities, pointing to the Ministry’s role in providing oil derivatives and securing electricity for citizens without interruption, and supporting Local communities by employing and providing job opportunities for residents of the Ministry’s various project areas. Dr. Muhammad Abdel Ghafour gave a detailed explanation of mining activities in Jordan and the importance of the mining sector in supporting the national economy by adopting value added and not allowing the export of raw materials until they are converted into manufacturing industries. For his part, Dr. Khaldoun Abu Hamida, Head of the Central Information Unit, pointed to the Ministry’s efforts in digital transformation processes in preserving information and geological samples and providing all information to researchers and investors. In turn, geologist Hanadi Saadeh, Head of the Oil Shale Projects Division, shed light on the existing oil shale projects, the agreements in place in the field of oil shale, and the obstacles and difficulties facing the oil shale industry. Regarding the Ministry’s activities in the field of oil and gas exploration, geologist Issa Hujair gave a presentation covering the activities carried out by the Ministry in the Hamzah, Al-Sarhan and Al-Jafr oil fields, which include drilling wells and seismic surveys, indicating that the Ministry relies on the direct offering system in order to increase the attraction of investment in this field. In the same context, the head of the Geophysics Department, Nidal Atiyat, noted during a specialized lecture the role of the Ministry in partnership with the private sector in preparing studies of minerals, petroleum, water, and geotechnical aspects, pointing out the importance of these studies for the major projects implemented by the Ministry. In their meetings with the delegation, the lecturers emphasized the directives of the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources and its Secretary-General to follow the optimal method to attract investors and in direct cooperation with the Ministry of Investment and Jordanian ambassadors abroad by granting facilities and providing technical information and publishing it on the Ministry’s website, the interactive map and the investment platform that was launched initially this year. The delegation carried out a visit to the Jordanian Geological Museum in the Ministry, and at the end of the visit, the head of the delegation, Lieutenant Colonel Fares Al-Zawahra, handed over the Institute’s shield to the representative of the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources and expressed his thanks to the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources for the good organization and importance of the information that was presented to the delegation.

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